Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Bakery Next Door

My stepdaughters Rebecca and Elizabeth have started a new business. It's called The Bakery Next Door. They have been baking like crazy, and my waistline shows it! (They have to have taste testers!)

They have started a blog to showcase the things they are doing and to promote their new business.

Check it out, but have a napkin handy to catch the drool ........... seriously, you will be drooling over all of the things they have been baking. But that is just the pictures, wait til you taste them! Delicious!

They are located in Greenbrier, Tennessee if you need any baked goods. I highly recommend them, as one of the official taste testers! I know!
Go see what they have been up to! The Bakery Next Door

Rebecca asked if I would make them some aprons to wear while they are doing all that baking. She brought me this pattern:

She wants picture D. She brought me this cute fabric:

So far I have only cut out the pattern. Hopefully tonight I will begin to sew.

A Big Thank you to Brenda from Jalaru for teaching me how to do the hyperlinks!

Be back soon!


Rebecca said...

We appreciate all your taste testing! I'm glad we didn't have to twist your arm - hehe!

Brenda said...

You lucky thing. The food and making those adorable aprons. And you are welcome.