Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Halloween Basket Part 3

I thought I would show you a little bit of what I have done on my gross witch spice jars.

I spray painted the lids of salsa jars this weekend. (I need to thank my SIL & her husband who eat this all the time and have been saving their jars for me for years. Love the wide mouth jars!)
I found this rack at the thrift store - perfect for my jars!

The picture above is taken with the lights on. It looks really cool with the lights off. I attached to the back of the rack a small little led clip on light. I still need to paint that black.

Below on the top shelf I have bloodied severed fingers and ..................I need 3 (cheap) ideas for the other jars. I am racking my brain.

Below on the bottom shelf I have bloodied eyeballs, cat guts and ugly teeth. I need an idea for one more of the large jars.

I think I will make the water in the jar of the ugly teeth a little lighter. Hubby thinks I have too many cat guts in the jar. He is probably right now that I am looking at the pictures, but don't tell him I said that! He doesn't read my blog so I am safe.

I still have to wrap twine around the top of 5 jars and put on some labels. I don't want them too large. I want people to see what is in the jars!

Here is a picture of my spice rack with the lights off:

Looks Good to me, but I am a Halloween Nut! I still have more projects in the works.

Be back soon!

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ANIBSHO said...

The amount of talent you have is annoying for us lay people- it looks SOOOOO good!