Saturday, August 29, 2009

This - N- That

Son #1 gave me his treasured autographed Ryan Sandberg jersey and a shadow box at Fourth of July. He wanted me to mount it for him.

About two weeks ago, I asked him when he would be in town, so it would give me the incentive to get going on it. Well he and his fiancee are in town this weekend for a wedding, so I got busy on Friday night and framed it for him. (no sense rushing into these things!)

It turned out pretty good. Definitely not professional, but still good!

In Other Matters:
I have been working on the labels for my Halloween Jars, and unfortunately, I made them too large, so I need to redo them. I decided this after cutting them out and aging them -ugh!

I am eat up with chigger bites and all I can think of is scratching! Scratching! and more Scratching! Just like the chicken pox! Seriously, what is the purpose of chiggers? I don't even like their name!

Be back soon!

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