Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Halloween Basket Part 5

The Witches (Witch's?) Kitchen Basket continues. Here is the dessert stand I made for her kitchen. Everybody loves dessert! Even a Witch!

A closer view because I am a bad photographer.

and an even closer view (the glass distorted the heads - they are not chubby!):

Made from one of those cheese boards with a glass dome lid that you see all the time in the thrift stores (unless of course you decide this is so cute and you need to make one for yourself!) and a wooden candlestick, glue and black spray paint. Sooo Easy!

Oh yeah and I forgot. You need to add the dessert! This Witch loves mini baby skeleton heads with black spiders! I want to add some spider webs, but the dog gone stores haven't put out the Halloween stuff yet!

Don't you just love it? I know I do!

Be back soon!


Rebecca said...

I need one (or more) of those stands for cupcakes - cute!!

ANIBSHO said...

MOTHER, There is no way you have a basket LARGE enough to fit everything you are making for this Witch's basket. And even if you do own one, there is no way in halloween that it would fit in your vehicle.