Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halloween Basket Part 4

Yesterday I worked some more on the Halloween Basket. I did a lot more spray painting.

I also aged my Witch Cookbooks.

Brush the watered down paint on..............(take a picture for your blog)................wipe it off. Let it dry.

I also worked on my rat or tarantula cage. I don't know what it its going to be yet.

I aged it and sealed it. Then I took a thin plastic cutting mat, that I buy from the dollar store for my purse bottoms, cut it to size and hot glued Spanish moss to it. That way it won't create such mess on counters or tabletops.

It's looking good to me! I wish the stores would hurry up and put their Halloween stuff out. I really need a few things. Usually I am thinking, Wow they have that out too early. Now that I need something, it's way too long!

Be back soon!

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