Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coffee Table Remake Finished

The coffee table remake is done. Remember this bargain at $4.99?

I should start out by telling you how Hubby didn't like my bargain coffee table. He thought it was ugly. It was purchased to replace the one in the boy's TV room. Hubby made the one in there. It was made from our butcher block kitchen countertop. It was the sink cutout. It is 2" thick and very heavy. Well, one of the legs on this coffee table kept turning in, looking like it was going to break at any moment. We have done several things to try to remedy the situation, all with no luck.

Well, I have to walk past this all the time to get to my sewing room. It literally bugged the heck out of me! Somehow (to me) it made the walls and floors look uneven. Hubby kept saying it could be fixed, but it wasn't. It has been well over a year since it started it's opposite "leaning tower" position. So when I brought this one home to replace it, you know what he did? He actually fixed the the opposite leaning tower coffee table and took it to his "Man Room". Why this couldn't have been fixed sooner.........nobody knows.

He decided we needed to use my bargain coffee table in the family room for the TV and move the coffee table the TV was currently sitting on to the boy's room. Well, this coffee table was an inch shorter than the one we had, and I thought that one was too low. (It was fine if you are slouched on your leather man chair though.)

So he built it up, I spray painted it, he added the knobs to look like drawer pulls and here it is:

This table isn't as long as the one we had before, so it makes the room appear larger. There is a speaker under the the shelf, so that is why you can't really see the shelf. We had everything to fix it up, so there were no additional expenses.

I just love creating something from nothing and that is unique!

And I won't have to bend my neck down to watch TV. Hubby might have to sit a little straighter though!

Be back soon!