Sunday, November 22, 2009

Golidlocks Costume

Jessie had her play this weekend. It was called "And They All Lived" It was a cute 30 minute play that I thought everyone did great in! We really enjoyed the play! Here is Jessie in her Goldilocks Costume minus her blonde wig. I took pictures of her in her wig during the play, but they came out awful!

A closer view of her costume. I was going to make an apron to go with it, but her director didn't think she needed one.

And here she is when I say just one more picture!

She hates the fact her Mom is camera challenged!

I think the costume tuned out good. She looked really cute in it!
Notice that hairband on her right hand. It gets her in trouble almost every day at school. They consider it a bracelet and that is against school policies! I think it is her security blanket, because she rarely wears her hair up!

Be back soon!


ANIBSHO said...

I super love it! She looks cute in it- I still want to see the bad pictures of her in the play- none of her friends have pics??

Brenda said...

She's really cute. Love the outfit. You did a great job.