Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Wrap Up

Well, the big day is over. We went to my sister's in Atlanta, so I could see some trick-or-treater's. She usually has about 3oo of them. This year there were only about 150. It was cold and had rained almost all day. Maybe the weather kept people from coming out.

We had 3 stations set up on the porch. My sister's friend always comes over because she doesn't get any at her house either. They started coming early. It wasn't even dusk yet.

This was our first trick-or-treater. (My sister's neighbor with her grandson)

and a picture of kids heading our way.

No more pictures after that. It got pretty hectic. I loved seeing all the kids dressed up! The costume award went to a mother who dressed her 3 kids from the show "The Adam's family". She did a fantastic job with their makeup and outfits.

I did manage to get a picture of Jessie and my niece Lauren before they took off.

Jessie is Minnie Mouse. This was last years costume.

My daughter Amber took a picture of her in the Detectives costume I made. Click on the picture to see it in detail. (oops that doesn't work on this picture) She wore it to work on Friday.

Looks Great! Don't you think? I think I want this back!

I had a great time in Atlanta, it's too bad next year Halloween will be on a Sunday.

Now I have to get busy on the Goldilock's costume for Jessie's play.

Be back soon!


Renee said...

150? Wow, that's a lot!! We had 1. costumes looked great. Jessie looks all spunky in her Minnie Mouse dress and I still can't get over how amazing Amber's outfit turned out. You'll have a hard time outdoing these next year! & I'm glad you had a terrific time in Atlanta.

Brenda said...

Both are very cute. Love it.