Monday, November 30, 2009

The Recipe for a Nervous Breakdown

Here it is:

1 pair of ripped jeans from your skinny legged granddaughter

Scraps of purple polka dot fabric

My granddaughter needed this pair of jeans to have fabric behind the ripped areas. Simple right? I had done one pair for her already with no problems. Well this nearly did me in! The purple fabric kept shifting and the strings on the ripped areas kept attaching themselves to my screws and prongs on the sewing machine and .............. let's just say everything that could go wrong, did go wrong! I spent a lot of time with the seam ripper though to correct things.

The skinny little legs and the fact that they had never been washed and were stiff was what caused the problem!
I need to make a note of that!

I will give her a scrap of the fabric in case anything needs to be repaired later. I know I will be keeping my fingers crossed! LOL!

Next up, a simple dress for Jessie for the Christmas dance on Friday. She just needs to decide what fabrics she wants me to use:

The theme is silver and white.

Decisions, decisions.............she needs to decide by tomorrow!

Be back soon!


Renee said...

For me the breakdown would come from the fact that the dance is Friday and she still hasn't picked out her fabric. Ahhh! That's a lot of pressure.
I think the jeans are adorable. & I love that your granddaughter has enough sense to want to cover up whatever might show thru those little wholes. Smart and good fashion sense.. Can't ask for more!!

ANIBSHO said...

So I totally almost called you the other day, after hours and hours of searching for a cute green dress online, to ask if you would make me a green dress if I sent you fabric - but I resisted as I knew you couldn't fit me and I suspected that you would be busy making a Christmas dress for your favorite daughter. Argh those little ones!!

Cute silver and white fabric!