Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crafty things I do while I watch T.V.

Tonight while watching TV I worked on some projects. First I took this letter F off the mantle. It was a tarnished gold but it didn't really show up very well against the brick of the fireplace.

Don't you just love my dropcloth for painting? This is a vinyl placemat that I purchased just for painting projects. It gets used alot! This is the perfect size for small projects. I gave the letter F a couple of coats of white paint. It still needs at least one more coat and then I will distress it a little. I will have to finish it tomorrow.

It's looking better!

Then I revamped this lampshade. I added the pearl dots. So simple! They had a sticky back on them. Thank you Martha Stewart! I cut roses off a rosebush I had. Got out my new hot glue gun (thank you Julie!) and went to town glueing the roses on the bottom edge. I love the little green sticking out from the back of the roses! I put the lampshade on an estate sale lamp and it is!

This is going up in my "Shabby" Guest bedroom. There is a dressing table in there that it will look great on! (I think that is "CSI" on the TV in the background.) Here is a closeup of the shade.



ANIB-SHO said...

THE GUEST BEDROOM? You made a cute lampshade for the GUEST BEDROOM??? What Ev, Mother (if you can call yourself that after abandoning your daughter's memory so quickly). How soon you disregard my feelings... You still call the downstairs TV room, the "BOYS TV ROOM!" But I guess it is too much for you to keep every one of your children's memories alive, isn't it? Ridiculous. I guess it does confirm the overwhelming favoritism I new you had for them all my life... I see how its going to be. Well THANK YOU Ma, for confirming my long held belief- at least now I can get some true closer.

I was going to say that I love love love your new lamp shade- and love love Martha Stewart's handy dandy pearl decor aid- but now I think it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I would even say it is disgusting. Truly hideous.

Love (cough, cough) and Junk,


ANIB-SHO said...

PS: I had a lot of grammatical errors in that last post- but I guess that is what happens when your become just a "guest" in the house you grew up in...

CindyLou said...

I love you too Baby! I still do call it Amber's bedroom when I have family in from out of town. I even call it that when I say where I am going to be, or if I want someone to get something for me. In my mind it always will be Amber's room! I was just trying to be a little more politically correct for my many "non family" followers. (ha!ha!)

ANIB-SHO said...

Just trying to be "politically correct", eh? Well, you know what kind of people try to be "politically correct"? The same type of people who would also lie their way out of some bad press- like, say, when they got called out on semi dis-owning their own flesh and blood. And if you are that type of person, then I can't regard anything you say as the truth- for all I know, it is just another "PR" move to please your "politically correct" following.

It is too late now, Mother. As hard as you might try, with your "It will always be Amber's room to me.."s and your "I just call it that around non-family members..." there is no retracting your statement now. The damage has been done- and no political maneuvering can get you out from under this heat lamp, my "friend". I majored in Public Relations, so don't talk to me about Political Correctness.

AND if you TRULY wanted to be POLITICALLY CORRECT with your followers, you would have said you consider all of them "like family".

PSHH... you have so much to learn. You are lucky it is your birthday today, or I would have really schooled you. I'll give you a lesson in political correctness... Oh yes I will...

LOVE and stuff,

(former Cindy Lou daughter)