Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playing with Fabric

I found a free pattern on the internet for a baby dress. I can't remember where I found it right now. It looked so cute and so simple, I thought I would make it from some of my scraps.

Do I have anyone to wear this? No. This is for a newborn to three months. I was just playing! I do have an enlargement of this pattern for a size 3T. I think it turned out so sweet!

It was so simple too! I used the bottom edge of a cribskirt I had cut up. It had a pretty crocheted lace with ribbon laced through it on the bottom. The top is made from scraps of a Pottery Barn Kids pillowcase.

Jessie's dolls can probably wear this. If only she still played with dolls!

Be back soon!

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ANIB-SHO said...

Mother. Mother. Mother. You don't think I can recognize a hint when you blog about one? It is kind of like the time you bought a bunch of wedding party favors before I was even engaged and then just claimed them as a "good deal". Mmmhmmmm... You can't wait another 6-10 years? Maybe you'll have quicker luck with the sons... then again, maybe not.

Watching Divine Design- thought of you.


PS: It is a super cute dress!