Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is it?

I was painting this object the other night. (I like to paint when I am watching t.v.) This was a gold color and I have been meaning to paint and distress it.

My husband asked what it was. I told him it was a pineapple. It meant welcome to our home in colonial times. He said it didn't look like a pineapple. I just kept painting. Now, that got me thinking....................after 3 years of sitting in my living room, I think it is an artichoke! I can't believe I haven't seen this before! What do you think it is?

I have been working on more baby dresses! I enlarged the pattern for a 6-9 month old. After many tries I got it right. Jessie took this picture and I should have told her to get a close up too.

The bottom of the dress is a white and purple checked fabric and the top is a floral with purple flowers. I am going to give this to a neighbor of ours that has a new baby girl. I will probably make another to give them too. I still haven't taken out my basting threads and it needs some pressing.

In other daughter Amber will be glad to know I got rid of (put in the garage) 3 silk plants from the living room. Time for a change. I am going to get a couple of little real plants and see how long I can keep them alive. I guess the spring weather has gotten to me!

Be back soon!


ANIB-SHO said...


"Hmmmm Looks like that would be a nice shirt for someone with Child!"

Giggle. Giggle.

I'm only quoting your email- not hinting toward need to get excited.

Give the dresses to a neighbor, eh? I never said I didn't want the dresses.... I just said I won't need them for a minimum of 6 years or so. That gives you plenty of time to design and make plenty of clothing, yes? Give nothing away....

ALSO- it is not an artichoke. I have dusted said object many many times and it is, without a doubt, a pineapple.

Love and Junk,


Peggy-Just A Plain Gal said...

I think it looks more like an artichoke, too!

The dress is so sweet! It looks like you're probably gonna be too old to babysit by the time you finally do get a grandbaby! ;)

Tell your DD that there is something to be said for having all your children grown and out of the house by the time you're in your early 40s instead of having to deal with teenagers while you're in your 50s! LOL!

Jay said...

I think the weird object is a pine cone.I dont see the artichoke or the pinapple ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy - I have a "pineapple" too but now that I saw yours I looked at mine and it is an artichoke too!! That is too weird!! I probably wouldn't have ever noticed that if you didn't put it on your blog. Hope you get this message - let me know. I love your little dresses!!!
Love, Tami