Thursday, March 12, 2009

What To Do With Sheets That Don't Sell on Ebay

We have been having sleet all day long. The temperature has gone down to 32 degrees or less.

Last night I threw this sheet on my Hydrangea bush. It had little buds on it and I wanted it to survive! I had to wait five years for this little baby to actually bloom! There was no way I wanted it to suffer! ( I am being totally selfish here) It is a gorgeous plant! I checked this sheet it is so stiff I couldn't move it. Hopefully my bush will survive!

By the way I did sell 6 of the 9 I listed on Ebay. Things are slow on Ebay, but at least I got rid of some! Still haven't tested the space bags. I think that is a Sunday job.

Be back soon!


ANIB-SHO said...

I bet that sheet looks really classy on in the yard... ha ha. The things you do to save the plants! Whose the environmentalist now?

Peggy-Just A Plain Gal said...

If your sheets are as cute as the one on your hydrangea bush, why not make something out of 'em? If they're just plain white ones, you could always use them to line some drapes or something!