Monday, March 23, 2009

Thrift Find

I saw this floral shower curtain in the thrift store about a week ago. It was new, out of the package, made by Waverly Home. I thought about buying it, but the line was long, I didn't know what I was going to do with it and I had to get Jessie, so I passed on it.

I kept telling myself I have enough fabric I didn't need more. Well, I kept thinking about the curtain. Still I didn't know what I would do with it. Then it hit me...........the boy's bathroom! I had made tartan plaid shower curtains for the bathroom a long time ago. I wonder what the floral curtain would looked paired up with the plaid? Hmmm, only one way to find out. Would it still be there? I kept telling myself, if it was still there it was meant to be.

Over a week went by and I stopped today. It was still there! Half off so I paid $1.99. FATE! I took it home and washed it. Waited until "24" was over and hung it up. I like the way it adds warmth to the bathroom. I only had a white plastic liner hanging behind the plaid curtains so this adds warmth, coziness and a little feminine touch.

Besides it is no longer the boy's bathroom even though we call it that. Well this weekend it will be that, but normally..........


ANIB-SHO said...

Just for the record, I do not like the shower curtain. It reminds me of fake ivy all over the house and gaudy dark cherry wood furniture with glossy coating (I don't mean one piece, I mean like filling the entire room with it). Plus that is a small bathroom and the dark colors will only make it look smaller. ANYWHO.... you know what is more fun that buying thrift store shower curtains? Making your favorite blonde-haired daughter (I added that adjective for you, Jay) curtains for her apartment out of thrift store fabric, yes???? I'll be expecting a package by Friday (I have guests on Saturday and would like to show off and brag about my wonderful mother and the new curtains she so quickly made us).



CindyLou said...

Sorry you don't like it! I really do and that is what matters!

Anonymous said...

I liked it the old wya!