Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This and That

Amber (my daughter) had suggested that I should try Space bags for all the vintage linens I have. I thought that was a Great idea! I thought I should try one and see how they did before I purchased allot of them. On Monday I was at Walmart and they jumped in my cart. It was trying to tell me something! I brought them home anxious to try them out, but we were going to our granddaughter Abby's birthday party and then "24" was on. No testing that day!

Today I stopped at the Goodwill because I had time to kill before I picked up Jessie from Volleyball practice. Guess what was sitting on the counter. I thought it was some body's merchandise that was still shopping. The worker at the Goodwill asked the clerk next to her what that was doing on the counter. He said somebody decided not to purchase it. I jumped on it! $2.99 for the box of 3 large I bought at the Goodwill. $10.00 for the box of 2 large I bought at Walmart. Now I will test with the box I purchased from the Goodwill. If I don't like them, I will take the one I purchased at Walmart back. I hope they work though and I fill them all up. I will let you know what I think of these. I think it's fate! I need to get control over my clutter!

On another note I thought I would show you my completed White letter F. My sister Tami asked why I didn't just use spray paint. I told her it was too cold to use spray paint and I just love to hand paint on smaller items. It is relaxing to me.

I did spray paint on Sunday. It was gorgeous out. I spray painted this grill I have in front of my fireplace. It was a cream color which bugged the heck out of me! I took it out to the garage and threw down a shower curtain I have for spray painting and now it is a bright white! I feel better already. Except for my sore hand from pressing on the nozzle.

I now call my living room the music room. Jessie has an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar permanently on the hearth.

Be back soon!

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ANIB-SHO said...

First of all, I am a genius. Second of all, I told you to hire one of those companies that do the organizing for you- that way we know it will really get done.

On another note- I think that is the first time since I was in middle school that I have been able to actually see the fireplace. Even now though, there is a guitar hanging out on it. It's OK though, because I have a picture of me and Oreo kitty hanging out in front of it the last time it was clear (I think that was pre-kindergarten).

ANYWHO- Let me know how the space bags go... Love and Stuff...